Floor fitting and sanding services for stairs in London

London Floor Fitter is among the best flooring services companies around the area. We have one of the best performance ratings in our field, which makes us really happy and keeps us even more motivated to deliver our service, satisfying the customer’s request for a perfect floor. We will provide you with a durable and professionally looking base with our floor fitting and sanding, following up and ensuring our customer's satisfaction by additional repairing, cleaning and maintenance services.

We firmly believe that every client deserves special attention and has individual needs that have to be considered. We do our best to work around our customer’s schedule; we will answer any question a client may have, and explain every single detail of our working process. You let us in your home, after all, and expect us to make it beautiful and cosy, so we'll make sure we live up to that expectation by providing excellent results at affordable rates.

What is the secret to our success? We’ve converted our work into a cause, accompanied by consistent customer service and care. To cut the long story short, our craftsmen know what they are doing. Each and every member of the staff is a reliable and experienced professional in his field, with lots of successful projects in their flooring portfolio. Hard and responsible work, commitment, and dedication are among our fundamental values and that’s what makes us the right company for you. We are flexible enough to adapt our techniques to your personal needs, as well as the specifications of your house, and your unique style. Most importantly, we are more than happy to take your feedback, whatever it might be, into consideration, in order to adjust and improve our work-plan and perform better in the future.

Our team works using products by the leading brands in the flooring industry, which guarantee you a result worth waiting for. Our company’s equipment is the latest on the market and it's dust-free which is a great advantage. We know how important the process of cleaning up afterwards from a process of floor restoration is for you, so we make sure to keep your home as tidy as possible while we work.

We are experts in fitting, sanding, sealing and wood repairing. Whatever you need, we have a well-trained expert to handle it. Parquet, laminate, engineered floor, solid timber, you name it. Each and every type of timber requires a different technique and approach, and we proudly claim we can provide excellent results every time. Mistakes cannot be made - an unsatisfied customer is not an option for us. Therefore when it comes to choosing a type of flooring, we strongly advise any client to request a free sample for a clearer orientation of colour, pigmentation, structure, etc. If you have any questions about the restoration process, products or prices, call our customer service on 020 70360625 or send us an email to info@flooringservices.london to make an appointment or get a free price estimate.