When it comes to wood restoration, it’s important to choose carefully the right company for the job. We, in London Floor Fitter, believe that we are among the best in the field, with lots of satisfied loyal customers all around London to confirm it. Our craftsmen specialise in sanding, fitting, repairing, etc. Sanding is the initial stage of the wood restoration cycle, maybe one of the most tricky to pull off correctly. It takes time and effort to master the skill of sanding, but we can assure you that our specialists are confident and experienced.

Sanding actually includes evening out, smoothing, and cleaning the floor surface, basically preparing it for applying new layers of products after. A considerable plus of our work is the dust-free equipment we use, guaranteeing your place will stay nice and tidy after our staff is gone. Sometimes parts of the floor may need refitting, replacing or repairing, before the sanding process even begins. Our company offers all these services, for your convenience.

We deal with all kinds of wooden surfaces. Different types of timber require a different approach and an appropriate sanding technique. Our team has the necessary knowledge and skills to adjust the work process accordingly to your type of timber.

Sanding hardwood - this type of timber is prone to extension and possible damage if left unsealed for a longer period of time. That’s why it requires a delicate but fast hand and special techniques are in order.

Engineered floors can be a better alternative to hardwood floors, as they give out the impression of natural timber, but are not influenced by moisture in the air or other environmental factors. When it comes to sanding, we usually remove the top sealants layer only, leaving the base as thick as possible, as this type of flooring cannot endure frequent sanding.

Sanding parquet can be tricky, but the results are marvellous if done by the right professional. Sealing products used after the sanding are extremely important here. Of course, we use and recommend the best brands on the market, that's not necessarily the most expensive, don't worry.

Boards are definitely another challenge for any craftsman and they require special attention as well. After sanding is done, along with possible stain-removing and repairing or refitting, the wood surface should be sealed with the proper product. That could be either lacquer or oil. We offer a wide variety of Sealing Products and could testify for their usefulness. Most certainly, if you insist on using a different brand, it’s perfectly fine; we are open to any suggestions, it's your home after all.

Lastly, it’s good to know that you can have a small sample done for free, so you can test our work and make sure London Floor Fitter is the right choice for you. Get in touch with our customer service on 020 70360625 and request a free consultation and advice!