Floor fitting requires a steady and experienced hand. We guarantee the best results for moderate prices. Our company has proven itself time and time again in London 's fitting service. Why is it so important to choose an experienced fitting company? When considering new flooring, many people decide to do it themselves, using cheap materials and tools, in order to save some cash. However, they are actually up for a big investment and lots of dust around the house, with results, which are to say, controversial. You can hope for a cheap material to look expensive but in the end, just the hope by itself won't work. Let’s face it, fitting is not easy, nor is it for everyone. It’s a special skill and we have the professionalism and experience needed to get the job done impeccably.

You name it, we do it. Our craftsmen have a background and experience of solid and engineered wood fitting, parquet and laminate installations, in both domestic and commercial projects. Prices for these services may vary, depending on the type of flooring you need to be fit. Below are some examples of the wood flooring we work with, as well as some details for you to bear in mind when choosing the perfect flooring for you.

It’s safe to say that solid wood blocks retain heat perfectly, look stunning, and are 100% ecological. They are pretty durable if installed correctly. Engineered flooring is the cheapest solid flooring alternative, and it's also beautiful and relatively warm. It will experience less moisture or dust-related problems than its solid wood counterpart. Laminate fitting is also popular, cheap and beautiful. We work with a lot of laminate brands, so you're sure to find the right fit for the job. Parquet blocks are both lasting and great-looking. We normally offer repair services and we can level your staircase before fitting, regardless of the nature of the floor.

You are looking for an expert opinion or advice? Call 020 70360625 and talk to our representatives or send us an email request to info@flooringservices.london. Contact us and we can discuss your requirements and any details in advance.

We aim for perfection! We pay great attention to detail, no matter the type of flooring. The borders, edges and doorways are often neglected, while they are what gives the floor its professional appearance We are strict and thorough! In order to achieve a beautiful solid, perfectly fitted floor, it’s crucial to follow certain standards and procedures. Subfloor levelling, dust and moisture control, and soundproofing are just the beginning of a long list of preparations. We are also trained to lay underlay to flatten uneven surfaces. We use the best products and equipment! Our modern dust-free equipment will ease every stage of the fitting process, so you don’t have to worry about your house getting dusty and messy. If you are in need of a fitting service in London or the surrounding areas, do not hesitate to give us a call, we are indeed the right company for the job!